Chronicle Book 2

Trial and Flame

by Kevin Murphy
Games are an escape?

The fickle whims of the gods force Dakkon to take that sentiment literally. The announcement of some grand tournament doesn’t equate to glory when its thrust upon him and threatens the life of his best friend.

In the virtual world called Chronicle anyone could be hunting them. To keep his unusual friend safe, Dakkon goes on the run.

But—why not use laying low to your advantage? Staying off the grid might just beget opportunity with the right amount of luck.

Avoiding well-traveled roads can certainly have its upsides. It’s the trips to unusual places where parties can collect unlikely prizes.

What secrets will Dakkon’s group uncover when they, too, are trying not to be to be discovered?

Just how worried should they be?

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Audiobook , Ebook , & Paperback

Audiobooks narrated by award-winning Nick Podehl

About the author


For years I’ve been a massive fan of the LitRPG genre. Initially, I devoured the few books available in English and sought more content in episodic fan translations. Now, finally, the genre is starting to rapidly grow. I love how authors manipulate progression. There’s something wonderful about being presented with a mold, only to see it broken and surpassed.

I’ve always been drawn to stories that work to build a stable world then, once norms are established, begin to rock the boat in a big way. The first book in my series aims to establish this world boat, while offering glimpses beyond the horizon. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Are you ready to slow time?